A conversation with God

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Religated mind

N E W    P A R A D I G M

Religated mind is born from the message Art is my Religion. It is a 12-lesson workshop through which you walk from a paradigm that no longer reflects your true identity, with which you were born. It is a process to remember you again and gestate you in a spiritual process that takes you back to your home.

When you return home, you remember who you are, your mind is reconnected and your creative capacity genuinely emanates from you, to extend your life mission, that mission that is revealed to you when you listen your call.

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Listening to your experience


After reading the book, I was even more surprised to be able to do the process. Quite a surprise My mind is simply another.


A transformative experience- The words and the way in which Maria has designed this process have transformed me in a very genuine way.


I had not felt as understood as Maria has. It has been stripping the soul and doing it in my own privacy. The freedom that this process offers has helped me to respond to my call. Thank you very much.


Simply speechless. It is not just the words and the process that Maria has created, it is a constant relationship with a new mind. As it deserves, it is a paradigm shift.